Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm participating in the A-to Z Challenge throughout April 2013.  Please join me as I release a new series of paintings I'm calling the Alphabet Girls - or AlphaGals, for short.

This blog will be alive with daily postings (except Sundays) so if you sign up you'll receive one post with one new painting a day M - Sat til the end of the month.

To sign up - click/hover over the black bar in the vertical column at right (see graphic). The bottom popout is the subscribe form for this blog.

Hope you join in!

Hi, I'm Joanie Springer - primarily a gouache artist / painter.  I am deeply grateful to have discovered my love for painting at the lateblooming age of 54.  My art is collected around the world which thrills me down to the tip of my toes. Please come visit my website and check out my Art TipsSubscribe to Joanie’s weekly Artsy News Updates – full of art tips, videos, new paintings and more, and receive a FREE 32 page Apple with Spunk painting tutorial.