Thursday, April 25, 2013

Alphabet Girl - V

How about a little Girl Power, eh?  Each day throughout April (Sundays excluded) I will upload the individual lettered A-Z images here.  There are prints available at my PRINT SHOP so please check them out. The originals are not for sale, (I've just got to keep them - at least for now) but the prints can be made just about any size you want, and start at just under $15.

I painted the original 26 A - Z images in gouache and ink on 7 x 5 inch watercolor paper at the very end of December/January 2013.  I've been waiting for the right time to launch them, and this A-Z Challenge seemed to be it!

Perfect for a girl's room - you can even spell out your daughter's/granddaughter's name with these charming gals - or heck - your own.  These whimsical little gals are perfect for ANY age - young at heart included.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them. They are dear to my heart. xo

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Hi, I'm Joanie Springer - primarily a gouache artist / painter.  I am deeply grateful to have discovered my love for painting at the lateblooming age of 54.  My art is collected around the world which thrills me down to the tip of my toes.  Please come visit my website and check out my Art TipsSubscribe to Joanie’s weekly Artsy News Updates – full of art tips, videos, new paintings and more, and receive a FREE 32 page Apple with Spunk painting tutorial.


  1. that is awesome... art hits when it hits... after the a to z challenge i will give you a shout out and maybe if you are interested... an interview.

    1. Thank you so much, Jeremy! Would love a shout out, and yes, get hold of me after "Z" and would be honored to do an interview with you. Blessings and again, thanks.

  2. she looks like a Vicki or a Valerie...

  3. Hi Joanie:

    I'm sure she's no (shrinking) Violet. Love the hair.

  4. Oh yes, Vicki, Valerie, and Violet. Also, she looks a bit sultry to me....perhaps Veronica???


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